Friday, September 30, 2011

Need an excuse?

For the life of me, I can't remember the source..I promise to update with a link asap!
Excuse #1: Want to parade the shoulder warmer without looking like you're set for the country club? Do as Mr MacPherson does. I'll admit it, I'm a sinner. When it comes to donning this preppy-golfing-day look I'd love to say I don't do it but sadly it happens. I'm the first to look at myself and just cringe. "Do you wanna wear a jumper, or don't ya? huh?" . If I look half as swish as this boy then my tune has changed "proudly pro" shoulder warmer. 


Again, I can't remember the source..will update with a link asap!
Excuse #2: Junk food takes the big spot #1 in my no-no's list with close second being that shoulder warmer (above). BUT...when you spot two swish lads looking the way they do and munching on the stuff in Paris of all places, tell me there is no way even the strongest will powered peeps amongst us couldn't justify a nibble. It must be good for you...I mean, how couldn't it be?

After going AWOL lately (busy checking off that 2011 'to do' list), I'm back and just in time to wish you lovely readers a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I agree , it's hard to make takeaway into a good look but those guys do a good job of it!


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