Friday, June 10, 2011

Catch the spark...

...and before I could blink, Friday is back on my doorstep! A week whirled by with its usual bits and pieces to keep me busy with an added extra dash of wonderful reading, blogs, and thoughts. This blog, one of my bookmarked favourites, ignited that inspiration and lets face it, confidence, to post away at something I've had sitting around in draft for some time.

via hearted girl blog
It's all about that sparkle within. Dreamy, fluffy stuff right? Yup, it is...but I mean it in the most down-to-earth, realistic kinda way. After catching Oprah's last Hurrah as The Queen of daytime talk shows, I was quite seriously moved. Her show (I must admit I was never a regular viewer) had nothing to do with planes rolling into the studio, car giveaways, or loaded with the usual Oprah vocals. Instead she stood centre stage delivering a simple message with some serious backbone. The delivery was  quite something. It was all about our passion in life and how essential living with this spark within us is. By living it, she said, is when we make the difference we were set out to achieve. Her words and encouragement to pursue 'it' (whether it makes us millions or not) and shine on our very own stage got me thinking. I am and always will be (I can't imagine why not) driven by my passion - whether it be the people in my life, the things I do, what I believe in.

I had a moment of deepest gratitude for my blessings (universal offerings, whatever your beliefs may be) to firstly HAVE a passion let alone the opportunity to grab it by the guts and PURSUE it! Don't know about you, but I can't think of anything better than to live a life filled with something so great it hurts...the fulfilment, that is. So, my point? Albeit a little wishy-washy, as Oprah said it's all about knowing what you're meant to be doing (and doing it) to be happiest, focused and most successful. You can then make a true difference, whether you touch millions, a handful or just one with your 'light'... Whether or not I got the message across, I guess the main thing I was dying to say was how wonderful and powerful that little thing that makes us giddy can be - passion. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Maria, i don't know what to say that could slightly capture the honor of reading this wonderful article plus the equally poignant comment you left for me.

    my apologies for being waylaid in my response, it's been a bit of a duck and dash week but i'm here now and have loved every morsel of this self exposure. kudos to you on writing it and posting it up. finding your passion...yes and more yes! you've certainly found serenity inside this sometimes chaos causing medium, cheers to that.

    and girl, don't even get me started on the sads i'm feeling over Oprahs final farewell. it's been saved on my pvr since it aired and i'm too afraid to watch it b/c then there's no more to look forward too. gotta get my guts up and the tissues ready, it'll be one full hour of cry-festing for sure.

    wishing you a wonderful remainder of weekend bliss. ♥

  2. thanks for sharing your favourite blog! it's really interesting!



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