Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Friday...without a frock

It's Friday. Normally 'Friday's Frock' at SoW but today I'm standing in one of Melbourne's chilly (understatement) lane way cafes and inspired by my latte's cup. Morning coffees have turned slightly educational thanks to the cup project. Through the month of feb and beyond (it's now may) the profiles and work of young, emerging, local artists will be published on takeaway coffee cups. Melbourne's CBD *Sensory Lab is all over could go and order one of their punchy specialty grinds and get a cup of your own, or you could head here where all the good stuff is at!
* Sensory Lab - another one of the Melbourne cafe joints looking the part in the scene of raw, 'rustic' appeal. This one actually plays the part! Peep inside and you'll see their world of communal seating, fresh baked goods in wood framed glass boxes, lab bottles for H2O, a separate set up for coffee specialties to be brewed, poured and infused. These guys just know what they're on about...

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  1. in australia is friday morning and in greece i haven't slept for thursday night!



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